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"Put on the full armour of God." Ephesians 6:11


As strong believers in JESUS CHRIST, my Husband and I have always been centred on raising our children on Biblical Principals. The ACE Curriculum provides Bible/ Scriptural references in every subject; which is what makes CCA so unique. We believe Christian Education should always be the strong foundation for children to learn and grow...understanding true Godly character and individual purpose - To Equip them for any and all endeavours in life. Proverbs 22:6 "Train Up The Children in The Way They Should Go!"

Melanie Mosby-Moore: CCA Campus Parent Since 2010

As a mom of 7 kids, 3 with special needs and 2 with high anxiety I would recommend this school. The staff have always treated our family with love and respect. They have all been very welcoming and sensitive to our families unique needs. I couldn’t imagine having some of our challenged children going to the public system where they would get lost in the masses. The principal pours her whole heart into each child and youth that attends this school. God has blessed them for His purpose! And our family is blessed to be a part of it.

Karen Dyer: CCA Campus Parent

My children have been part of the CCA family for 6 years. The curriculum that is offered is second to none. The staff is dedicated to making sure each child succeeds to the best of their ability. The teacher to child ratios are phenomenal and it shows by the success of the children. I am thankful for the kindness and devotion to both of my boys. My eldest son graduated a year and a half early from CCA high-school and my younger son is headed that way as well. Their futures are full of unlimited possibilities because of Canadian Christian Academy.

Nicole Garvin: CCA Campus Parent Since 2015

My two daughters have been attending CCA since October and I can tell the difference in their education already. The report cards came out a few weeks ago, wow I was amazed to see such great progress. My daughters attended a public school prior to the switch. My youngest daughter has anxiety and is very, very shy.. so at the bigger school she would have issues with reading to the teacher and or class and she had difficulties in making friendships. At CCA she was welcomed with open arms and she feels at home and comfortable. They both have been completing all their daily goals. They come home from school and are always reading books! This was the best decision my husband and I have ever made! 

Jodi Nicholls: CCA Campus Parent Since 2021

We have been part of CCA for many years having graduated 5 kids through their high-school program, with one more in high-school and another coming behind. Elizabeth (The Principal of CCA) is easy to work with and I’m so thankful that we can have the help and support of teaching our kids at home!

Cindy Woods: CCA Homeschool Parent

CCA has been a part of my homeschool education since day one! Starting out in JK. We began homeschooling with the ACE curriculum provided to us by CCA and with the supportive, guiding hand of Mrs. Rock I was homeschooled my entire schooling career. Throughout my years of homeschooling, my relationship with the Lord grew immensley and because of the positive reinforcements in my studies I was able to have a very close relationship with our Saviour. I graduated in Summer of 2015 and was blessed with the opportunity to become a Children's Pastor the following summer of 2016. Pastored for 5.5 years and now I am thrilled to be working here at CCA, as the Vice Principal & Sr. Learning Centre Teacher. God has a way of making things come full circle. So thankful my circle ended up being here! God is so faithful. 

Kerrington Maedel: CCA Homeschool Graduating Class of 2015

I am so thankful that my parent chose to invest in my education through the ACE curriculum. I am also grateful for my years and experience at Canadian Christian Academy.

Myah Mosby-Moore: CCA Campus Graduating Class of 2019

I was enrolled at CCA since grade 6. The curriculum is geared towards individual learning which allowed me to move at a comfortable pace. It allowed me to graduate from high school early and start college ahead of time. I am further ahead then others my age because I was taught curriculum that is no longer offered in mainstream schooling which I believe is fundamental in society. They are very accommodating to the needs of students. I required a Service Dog, Vincent, to mitigate my disability. They understood my needs and made sure I had the tools to be successful. I am thankful for the opportunity to have been able to attend CCA.

Cameron Cadarette: CCA Campus Graduating Class of 2020